Q. Why notecards?

Handwritten notecards are one of the most effective ways to get folks to the polls. We know from recent elections that people who receive personalized notecards are significantly more likely to  vote than those who don’t. 

Q. Who am I writing to?

We are writing to Need To Impeach supporters in key congressional districts needed to take back the house. All notecards are pre-addressed to one of thousands of eligible voters in battleground districts across the country.

Q. What should I write about? Can I see some examples?

Telling a fellow voter that you're excited about their vote and that you’re counting on them to do their patriotic duty can make all the difference. This is especially true in an election year like this that will come down to a few key districts. Tell them what’s motivating you to vote. Make it personal! In addition, your packet includes instructions as well as a few sample notes.

Q. Do I need to include personal information on the notecard?

You can share as much or as little as you’d like! More personalized notecards are more effective, but we discourage including sensitive personal information such as your full name, phone number, or address.

Q. Do I need to donate in order to receive a notecard packet?

No, a donation isn’t necessary to volunteer with Need to Impeach. 

Q. Do I need to pay for postage?

No. All notecards have prepaid postage. Just write the note, seal the envelope and drop in the mail! 

Q. How many notecards come in a packet?

10 notecards come in a packet, but you can always request more once you’ve mailed them all!

Q. Can I request more than one packet?

We are beginning with one packet per volunteer, but as our program continues to develop we will have the capacity to send additional packets to those who request them. For now, please email Julia at volunteer@needtoimpeach.com if you would like more.

Q. When will my packet arrive?

Your packet is sent via first class mail and should arrive 7-10 business days after you request it.

Q. When should I mail my notecards?

As soon as you can!

Q. My address is incorrect.

Please send an email to volunteer@needtoimpeach.com with the correct address and the subject line “Update my Address”. Thank you for letting us know!

Q. I signed up by mistake and need to cancel my packet.

Please send an email to volunteer@needtoimpeach.com with the subject line “Cancel My Packet”. We will remove you from our list.

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