Q. What makes a house party successful?

A successful house party can take a lot of different forms! But the most important things are toinvite a lot of friends, have a great time, and write meaningful, convincing notecards to voters inswing districts to remind them to vote.

Q. Who should I invite?

Everyone and anyone who wants to help flip the House in November! Invite your friends, family,neighbors, and people in your community looking to get involved.

Q. How long should the event last?

We recommend the event last for at least an hour and a half. Refer to our “Run of Show”document in your email for a guide. Writing the notecards won’t take too long — just a minuteor two for each one — but the party can last as long as you’d like.

Q. Should I serve food and/or drinks?

Totally up to you. If you think your guests would like food and drinks when writing the notecards,then put out a platter or two!

Q. What materials do I need?

We’ll provide you with all the necessary materials except for pens and scrap paper. Notecards,stamps, envelopes, and addresses will all be provided.

Q. Why notecards?

Handwritten notecards are one of the most effective ways to get folks to the polls. We knowfrom recent elections that people who received personalized notecards were significantly morelikely to turn out to vote than those who didn’t.

Q. Who am I writing to?

We are writing to Need to Impeach supporters in key congressional districts needed to takeback the House. All notecards are pre-addressed to one of thousands of eligible voters inbattleground districts across the country.

Q. What should I write about? Can I see some examples?

Telling a fellow voter that you’re excited about their vote and that you’re counting on them todo their patriotic duty can make all the difference. This is especially true in an election year likethis that will come down to a few key districts. Tell them what’s motivating you to vote. Make itpersonal! In addition, your packet includes instructions and a few sample notes.

Q. How many notecard packets should I request?

As many as you’d like! Ideally, each attendee will complete at least one packet of 10notecards.

Q. When should the notecards be mailed?

As soon as possible — put your notecards in the mail the day after the party. Everything’salready labeled and stamped, so all you have to do is pop them in the mailbox.

Q. What if I have extra notecards/packets left over?

If you have any materials left over, feel free to finish the notecards on your own — or better yet,host another house party to finish them!

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