If you have questions about the notecard program, please see this help page.

Q: How will you know how many cards I’ve completed?

USPS sends us tracking data upon delivery, which we will use to count the number of notecards sent and update your dashboard accordingly. 

Q: When will my reward be shipped / delivered? 

We’ll make our best effort to get things shipped so that they arrive before November 6, but due to shipping changes it’s possible they will arrive shortly after the election.

Q: What if my completed notecard number is incorrect on my dashboard? Will I still receive my reward? Did everyone get their notecards?

Yes. We’ll round up. We know the USPS data can sometimes be delayed, so check back in a few days. If it has been over a week, sometimes the tracking data we get back from USPS isn't 100% complete -- it doesn't mean the notecards didn't get through. 

Q: I only had nine notecards in my packet, do I need to write another notecard to get a reward? 

We’re sorry about that! No, you do not need to write another notecard, we’ll count that as 10 when we do our final processing. 

Q: Do my house party packets count as my total even though my friends and family helped? 

It’s up to you! You can count them as your own or if you’d like your guests to receive credit for their completed packets or send notecards to earn rewards, fill in their information here

Q: When do I need to have notecards completed to get my reward?

Please have all notecards in the mail by October 23 so we can make sure your notecards get delivered and we have time to process via USPS.

Q: I’ve already filled out 200 notecards, what do I get? 

Thank you for support! You’ll receive our biggest reward of six stickers, a Flip The House spatula and a $10 credit to our online store. 

Q: Are there other types of rewards?

At this time we are only offering these rewards for writing and sending notecards, but please visit our online store to view additional merchandise for sale.

Q: Help! I’m having technical difficulties with my dashboard. 

Please email us at needtovote@needtoimpeach.com and we’ll do our best to help find a solution. 

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